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Event Date: Saturday, July 8th through Sunday, July 9th, 2023

Course Data: 63.15 miles. 7,994 feet climbing and 8169 feet of descent. 

(Methodology: We plotted the course using 4 services: CalTop; Hello, Drifter; Plotaroute; and Strava then calculated the average.)

Past Results: In 2022, 89 registered for the event with 62 towing the start line. 31 finished. 50% finish rate. 2023 is our second year. 

Weather: Average for July 8th is a high of 80F and a low of 63F. On average, there is a 35% chance that more than 0.04 inches of total precipitation will fall throughout the day, mostly from an afternoon thunderstorm. The chance of muggy, oppressive, or miserable conditions in Altoona on July 8 varies over the course of the day, with an average daily chance of 29%. The cloudiest time of day is around 6:30 AM, at which time the chance of overcast or mostly cloudy conditions is 45%. The clearest time of day is around 2:30 PM, at which time the chance of clear, mostly clear, or partly cloudy conditions is 63%.

In 2022, a cold front came through at around noon but it still remained warm and humid until middle of the night when cooler air rushed in. 

Sunset is 8:45 PM and sunrise is 5:49 AM. A half moon will rise at 12:28 AM. 

Start time and location: Saturday, 2:00pm at Canoe Creek State Park, Hollidaysburg, PA. Ballfield below Pavilion 2

Cutoff time and location: Sunday, 1:00pm at Greenwood Furnace State Park, McAlevy's Fort, PA - Founders Pavilion  (23 hours)

Pacers, Crew and Drop Bags: No pacers are allowed in this race unless approved by the race director for unusual circumstances or medical condition. (i.e. participant suffers from night blindness, advanced age, etc.) 

-Crews are ONLY PERMITTED at the Start/Finish Line, AS2 Williamsburg, AS4 Alfarata, AS6 Indian Steps, and AS8 Alan Seeger.

-Drop Bags will be at AS2 Williamsburg, AS4 Alfarata, AS6 Indian Steps, AS7 Little Flat and AS8 Alan Seeger.

Race Shuttle: There will be a race shuttle (bus) from Greenwood Furnace to the start at Canoe Creek prior to the start. Due to the long time frame from the first finisher to the conclusion of the post-race party, there will be no shuttles from the finish line to Canoe Creek (start).
Estimated departure time is a 12:15pm at the Wagon and Blacksmith Shops at Greenwood Furnace. Estimated arrival at Canoe Creek is 1:15pm (45 minutes before the start.


Start: Pavilion 2 at Canoe Creek State Park
-Bib Pick Up: Begins at Noon (2 hours prior to start)
-Pre-Race Meeting: 1:45pm (15 minutes prior to start)


Finish: Founders Pavilion at Greenwood Furnace State Park

-Open: Around 4am (14 hours after start)

-Coffee and beverages begin at 8am. Free for participants, their crew and volunteers by Standing Stone Coffee Company.

-Breakfast: Begins around 8am with breakfast burritos
-Brunch: Begins around 11am with farm-to-table hamburgers and hot dogs

Breakfast and Lunch provide by DND Family Farms. Free for participants, their crew and volunteers

2023 Registration Start Date: August 1st, 2022 (8PM). Registration is first come, first served and there is a qualifying standard. (see below)

Capacity: 150 runners

Cost: $149

Race Management: Ironstone 100K is a Eastern States Trail-Endurance Alliance (Eastern States 100) in partnership with Allegheny Trailrunners, Inc. (Dirty Kiln, Rock 'N The Knob). Benjamin Mazur, Race Director. Patrick Sachse, Co-Race Director.

Eastern States Trail-Endurance Alliance and Allegheny Trailrunners, Inc. are both 501c3 not-for-profit, all-volunteer organizations. Proceeds donated into the communities they serve at the end of each calendar year. 

The difficulty of the terrain means this is NOT an entry-level race. Each potential participant will be reviewed by the race directors after we receive the completed registration. At a minimum, all participants must have completed at least one 50k trail race within the advertised cut-off time before signing up. This must be within 2 years of the registration date. If you have a race that is not a 50k but has a high degree of difficulty, it may be an exception to the above standard, just email us to find out if the race may qualify you. Be sure that your race is an official race with results published on a publicly available website. Timed races (12-hour, 24-hour, etc.) can not be used as a qualifying race. You must have completed a qualifying race before registering.




Ironstone Ultra requires eight (8) hours of volunteer service. You must have completed your service requirement prior to race day.

Buddy or solo work is an acceptable way to fulfill your requirements. You do not need to volunteer in team or group work days or at races. Coordinate with your local park, race director, etc., before starting any work. Unless you're doing trash pick up, don't go into the woods with tools and do you're own thing. It's extremely easy to email a race director or local hiking club that maintain trails and ask what work can be done. Someone is going to need to sign off the form anyhow. General spring trail maintenance that includes pruning back over grown trails and moving dead fall off the trail is a large help to our trail systems. A pair of snips, loppers, and work gloves can go a long way in helping keep our trails accessible and looking their best.


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