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News: Ironstone 100K Finish Line Update 2024 Revealed!

The finish line will be moved from Founders Pavilion to the Blacksmith Shop at Greenwood Furnace.

The finish line relocation from Founders Pavilion to the Blacksmith Shop at Greenwood Furnace will truncate the race by 600 feet. This decision stems from the congestion experienced at the pavilion due to the influx of finishers, spectators, swag, drop bags, etc., compounded by a 44% increase in registrations compared to this time last year. Additionally, the move offers the advantage of shelter in case of rain.

Furthermore, the Blacksmith Shop doubles as the designated pick-up point for participants requiring transportation from Greenwood Furnace (finish) to Canoe Creek State Park. Buses are scheduled to arrive at 11:45 am for a 12 noon departure.

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